Swashbucks To Go

Swashbucks To Go 3.0

Set sail for the greatest cannon-shooting, money matching game (See all)

Swashbucks To Go is a fun cannon-shooting game that is easy to install, launch and play. The game sports bright and cheerful graphics with sea shanty music and provides the options menu for controlling game sounds and music, and your screen and curser choices. The game provides three modes of playing. In the Classic mode, you have to save your captain's loot; in the Mission mode, you are up against the five pirates of the seven seas; and in the Speed mode, the game play is super fast.

I began playing Swashbucks To Go in classic mode and had to shoot at coins fired from a ship to collapse a forming spiral and raise the Jolly Roger flag to the top of a mast before the coins reached a vortex. Combinations of points are won according to how you fire and if you earn a pearl and shot it, you can win a power-up bonus. Mission mode is faster and one of the five ghosts, Blowhard Bert, has put whales as obstacles in the way of your fire, and this mode is more difficult. The speed mode is exactly that, fun, but very speedy!

Luis Sanchez
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